Why The Consultant

In the Complexity of today’s Business, it takes More than Personal Intuition & Individual Initiative to Build and Ensure the Future.

Whether your business already exists, is real live and on-going, or whether it is still a contemplated project, the advice of the consultant is a must and his contribution is surely beneficial. The consultant addresses your concerns and brings answers to many of your questions particularly when you ask yourself:

Why is my business slowing down? What blocks the expansion of our company?

› The consultant can identify, pin-point, clarify the problems if financial, managerial, technical or marketing problems.

What Should I do?

› The consultant can implement solutions to problems.

› He can add a breadth of experience and knowledge to a project that you don’t simply possess.

› The consultant can also bring a different perspective to the project team.

What is the nature and size of the market if I wish to introduce a new product?

› The consultant conducts for you market research and study that will show the market size and situation, the evolution and trend.

I often wonder: are my products competitive?

› One of the major “payback” areas where consultants can add value is their understanding of the current market and competition. The consultant has continuous exposure to the market and understands the “fair” market value to the commodity you are purchasing or offering.

What is our financial risk in this new contemplated venture and can the project investment generate sufficient cash flow?

› The consultant conducts for you financial feasibility study to ensure viability of the project and valuate financial risks.

What is the financing strategy that will be required for my project?

› He determines the financing options and set flexible and adaptable financing strategies.

How worth is my company? At what price shall I accept new partners?

› The consultant proceeds to the financial valuation of your company and determines the alternatives and the fair goodwill.

Will we succeed in our goals?

› Consultant can monitor the start-up period of your project, supervises the launching tools to make it reach the safe track.