Feasibility Studies

They are essential to any project. They aim at substantiating and underlining the viability and profitability of the venture, and securing the elements of success of the project. The conducting and developing of a feasibility cares to :

  • place the project in its socio-economic environment,
  • highlight its rationale and object,
  • work on describing the detailed aspects & constituents of the project.

A feasibility study focuses on :

  • determining and projecting the running costs (fixed and variable),
  • sets depreciation and maintenance policies, and most of all,
  • determines the financial needs and the financing strategy (project financing, loans, payback, etc.).
  • forecasts and projects potential sales and turn over.

Project financing and financial assistance are the matching to financial needs and financing strategy. Conseil et Développement assists its client to secure adequate financing to the project by initiating contacts and negotiations with banks and financing organizations in view of obtaining medium and long term loans, whether these are subsidized or at the best debit interest rate.