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Conseil et Développement s.a.l. was established in 1993 to go along with the rebirth of the economical activity in Lebanon, in view of the gigantic reconstruction program set by the government, especially that the need for a modern and professional advice has become a necessity.
Conseil et Développement is a consulting firm operating in Lebanon and the Arab World.
C&D specializes in providing assistance in the fields of Finance, Marketing, Procurement and Property Management.
C&D is registered at the World Bank Datacom under Ref. 736. All our studies are based on the highest international standards of performance.


“Conseil et Développement s.a.l.” is managed by multilingual partners having each over 25 years of international and local experience in economic and financial studies, engineering and procurement at the highest levels, backed up by marketing experts in both Lebanese and Arab markets.


Our company is specifically geared to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As a matter of fact, these represent more than 96% of the total enterprises in Lebanon, and provide the most dynamic force for economic development. Therefore, their modernization is a key requirement to sustain economic development. Conseil et Développement is dedicated to help SMEs integrate in the modern segment of economy.

C&D has succeeded since its establishment in providing financial assistance and procurement services for various projects, with a total of more than 60 million US dollars in terms of bank loans, purchase and supply of machinery equipment and materials.

We chose the tree as our symbol because our aim is to help promote solidly embedded and deeply rooted projects. We are thus committed to help ensure their business success by implementing the right strategic decisions.


Who’s Who in Conseil et Développement s.a.l
Nabil Nahas: Chairman of the Board of Directors
Claude Tabbal: General Manager and Partner
Roula Sleiman: Administrative Manager & Project Coordinator
In addition to 11 senior, junior consultants and administrative officers