Project monitoring

Consists of the supervision and follow-up of the realization phases of the project. Monitoring services usually extend from start-up and over a period of two years. Monitoring can be provided to our clients in two aspects : financial and/or managerial and operational.


Financial Monitoring :
Covers the supervision, control and follow-up of the application of the financial strategy formulated in the feasibility study, mainly in terms of:

  • Budgeting, implementing of accounting systems, internal audit, expenditures control, follow-up with banks.
  • Financial monitoring watches over and corrects eventual variances when necessary, sees to the respect of the loan’s bank repayments.


Managerial & Operational Monitoring:

  • The implementing of the management systems and tools
  • The management information systems
  • Setting the organizational structure of the project
  • Determination of key personnel
  • Selection of potential candidates
  • Follow-up