The reborn of Lebanese Agriculture ?

We are still far away from the level of the sixties when Lebanese agriculture represented almost 30% of the country GDP.  Today, this indice has dramatically fallen below 5%. The drawback is mainly due to the high cost of production, the lack of subsidized financing, a poor marketing and distribution strategies, lack of long term vision and  government policy. Many business farms and projects came to nothing and their promoters had to stop and shift to a more lucrative business.

However today, the sector is witnessing a timid but steady reboost of activity. Situation is getting better in terms of volumes and quality, thanks to a new wave of discerning, enlightened farmers and businessmen.

Agriculture today represents around 2.1 billion dollars showing an increase of 11% between years 2012 and 2013. Potato agriculture alone has increased by 79% between the year 2009 and 2013. Aviculture (eggs, white meat) still represents a genuine success story among Lebanese agriculture whereas fishing remains the poor relation and left behind of agriculture despite 200 kms of sea coast. Fishing does not represent more than 50% of the local market needs. Much remains to be done to achieve satisfactory results. The country relies heavily on the new generation of farmers and businessmen of good sense and enlightened.

Source : Creal